Price and Portion Guide

Occasion Cakes

Prices start from £70.00 for a round 20cm/8inch iced sponge cake, please note that this is the minimum size I offer for an occasion cake. Contact Plumtree Bakehouse to discuss your requirements.

Wedding Cakes

The price of your Wedding cake will depend on the size, number of tiers, the level of decoration required and whether you choose to have sponge or fruit tiers.

Consultations are £20.00 and if you decide you'd like to book, the consultation fee will be deducted from your deposit if the value of your wedding cake is £375.00 or over. (Please note that the value of your wedding cake does not include cake stand or delivery charges).

Prices for a round sponge iced wedding cake start from:

  • £275.00 for a 2 tier cake to give approximately 60 finger portions.
  • £495.00 for a 3 tier cake to give approximately 120 finger portions.
  • £795.00 for a 4 tier cake to give approximately 200 finger portions.

Please contact Plumtree Bakehouse for further information on prices specific to your requirements or to arrange a wedding cake consultation.

Wedding Cupcakes

  • Cupcakes with a buttercream swirl and simple decoration start from £2.75 per cupcake.
  • Cupcakes with a domed fondant top start from £4.00 per cupcake.

For more intricate decorations please contact Plumtree Bakehouse.

Top Cakes for Cupcake Towers

Prices start from:

  • £25.00 for a 10cm/4inch round sponge.
  • £40.00 for a 15cm/6inch round sponge.

Hire of Cake Stands

Plumtree Bakehouse has a selection of stands to hire including wedding cake stands and cupcake towers. The price is £20.00 for a 3 day period with a £50.00 deposit which will be refunded when the stand is returned to Plumtree Bakehouse undamaged.

Please note this service is only available if you place an order with Plumtree Bakehouse.

Portion Guide for Wedding and Occasion Cakes

Finger portions - 2.5cm x 2.5cm (1inch x 1inch)

  • Perfect for fruit cake due to its richness.
  • Good for deep sponge wedding tiers when used for sharing as part of the toast or when being served during the evening.

Dessert portions – 2.5cm x 5cm (1inch x 2inch)

  • Ideal for sponge wedding tiers for sharing as part of your dessert.
  • Ideal for sponge occasion cakes.

The portion size of your cake is personal preference but if you need a helpful guide please follow the link below: